How It's Made

Before applying the stencil to the memorial, it is carefully reviewed to ensure the spelling and design placement are correct.  
The rubber stencil is than applied to the granite using both the adhesive on the back of the stencil and a water based glue to ensure it will not move around on the monument during the engraving process.  
After the stencil is applied to the surface of the granite, the carving process begins by exposing certain areas of polished stone to sandblast in preparation for ornamentation and lettering.  
The polish will be removed from the monument in the areas where the granite is exposed. This allows for the lettering and design work to be sharp and easily visible once the headstone is complete  
Once the stencil has been cut, the monument is moved into the sandblast booth for engraving.  
Brian, an industry veteran and 15 year Krause Monument employee, will carefully sandblast your monument to ensure the lettering and design work is cut deep, clean and even, resulting in the best appearance possible.  
Once the gravestone is completed, it will be cleaned and loaded onto our truck for installation and delivery. If you would like a tour of our shop, stop by our Viroqua office during regular business hours and we will be happy to show you around.